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General Terms and Conditions

1. Reserve

1.1 These General Booking Conditions apply to all our reservations. Deviations are only possible in incidental cases and if these have been confirmed in writing by the owners.

1.2 The client is jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of all obligations by itself and all fellow travelers arising from the reservation confirmation.

1.3 We only accept booking orders from persons who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Reservations by persons younger than that age are therefore not valid.

2. Booking order and payment

2.1 Every reservation order is confirmed by the owners by means of a reservation confirmation by email.

2.2 Payment includes, as specified on your invoices: VAT, tourist tax, normal final clean, linen and towel hire, all reasonable use of utilities. Hereinafter jointly referred to as “the rent”.

2.3 A, non-refundable, down payment of 20% of the rent must be paid within 7 days of receipt of the reservation confirmation. The remainder of the rent and surety deposit must be paid no later than 21 days before the arrival date. When booking less than 3 weeks before arrival date, the full rent plus surety deposit must be paid at once.

2.4 In case of late payment, the owners are entitled to cancel the reserved accommodation. The cancellation conditions are then (without prejudice) in force (see article 4).

3. Surety deposit

3.1 A surety deposit of up to €500 will be required at time of balance due. This will be refunded once an inventory and damages check has been satisfactorily completed, within 14 days of departure and receipt of the bank transfer details of the tenant.

3.2 Any excess cleaning, breakages, damage, fire alarm / fire service call outs or any other direct cost incurred through misuse will be deducted from the surety deposit. In case of smoking or vaping in the apartment the entire surety deposit will be charged as damages. If the surety deposit is not sufficient to cover the costs the excess costs will also be charged to the tenant. Refer to article 8 for an overview of costs to be charged in case of damages.

3.3 The apartment is strictly no smoking or vaping due to the smell and fire safety. Any hint of smoke will set off the fire detectors, which is directly linked to the fire service. The fire service will attend and charge the tenant for the call out.

4. Cancellation by tenant

4.1 Cancellation must be communicated to the owners by telephone or e-mail. After receiving the cancellation, the owners will send you a cancellation confirmation/invoice within 7 days at the latest.

4.2 In the event of cancellation up to 3 weeks before arrival the rent excluding the down front payment will be refunded. In the event of a cancellation from 3 weeks to 1 week before arrival 20% of the rent excluding the down payment will be refunded. In the event of a cancellation 7 days or less before arrival date there will be no refund. The owners advise you to take out cancellation insurance.

4.3 If the cancellation is due to “force majeur” the non-refunded payment can be used for a future reservation, to be made within 2 years of the original booking and depending on availability.

5. Cancellation by owners

5.1 If, but with the exception of the situation stated in paragraph 7.8., the owners require the cancellation of the reserved accommodation, the relevant tenant will be informed about this immediately and if possible, offering an alternative. If this alternative is not accepted by the tenant, or if the owners are unable to offer an alternative, the owners will immediately refund the amount already paid by the tenant. The tenant has no more or other right than to reclaim this amount.

6. Liability of the tenant

6.1 During the stay in the accommodation, the tenant is fully liable for the rented accommodation, the furnishings and all items belonging to the rented accommodation. Any damage, caused by the users of the accommodation or elsewhere in the building, must immediately be fully reimbursed by the tenant to the landlord. The owners are entitled to still hold the tenant liable if the damage caused has not been settled or not properly settled or if the costs to be paid locally have not been paid (in full) by the tenant. All related (collection) costs are fully borne by the tenant named in the booking confirmation. For existing damage and/or defects that have not been reported to the management of the accommodation at the latest on the day of arrival, the immediately stated liability by the tenant applies.

6.2 The number of persons stated in the booking confirmation is the maximum number allowed. Occupancy with more persons is not permitted and the owners are entitled to refuse access to the accommodation if occupancy is by more than the permitted number of persons.

6.3 Normal Final Clean: The tenant is expected to leave the apartment clean and tidy including, but not limited to:

  • beds stripped of sheets and covers only (please leave mattress and pillow protectors on)
  • turn radiator thermostats down to 1 in winter on departure
  • empty the dish washer and put all crockery away clean and dry
  • rubbish removal to the outside bins sorted out for recycling
  • any breakages must be reported immediately so repairs / replacement can be arranged

Anything outside this including smoking and setting off the fire / smoke alarm will incur extra cleaning and costs and will come off the surety deposit.

7. Liability of owners

7.1 The owners accept no liability for loss, theft, damage or personal injury of any kind when using the accommodation and/or the surrounding area. We recommend you take out appropriate travel insurance, personal possession and personal injury cover and ski insurance to cover for any accidents, cancellation or amendments to your travel plans or cover while you are on holiday.

7.2 Obvious errors or mistakes in the description or prices of the accommodation offered do not bind the owners. The owners cannot accept any liability for interim changes in data, prices or printing errors.

7.3 The (price) information in the most recently published price list and on the website is leading. Therefore, the (price) information from previously published editions expires.

7.4 The owners cannot accept liability for damage caused by natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence and coming into contact with an aircraft or parts thereof.

7.5 Not all facilities mentioned in the description are open day in and day out, all year round. The owners are not liable for any facilities that were not available during your holiday for any reason. Use of all facilities is at your own risk. Due to circumstances, facilities may fail or be temporarily unavailable. You cannot claim any refund from the owners for this.

7.6 It is possible that work is carried out in the vicinity of the rented accommodation. The owners take no responsibility for any noise or other inconveniences.

7.7 Austrian law applies to all our reservation agreements and subsequent agreements. All disputes that may arise in connection with an agreement will be settled by the competent court.

7.8 No refund of the travel sum will be made in the event of “force majeure”, including, but not limited to, a loss event such as a natural disaster, attack, epidemic, molestation or danger that threatens you during the trip. This also applies if the infrastructure has been affected to such an extent that the trip cannot reasonably be made. The amount paid can be used as payment for a future booking, to be made within 2 years of the original booking and depending on availability.

8. Assistance

8.1 If you require any immediate assistance prior to leaving please call us +31 6 2925 2763 (Rimco) or +31 6 2207 6035 (Suzanne) or mail to

8.2 While in Austria our Management Company Compact 4 can help you out on site with any instant, major technical problems on +43 664 883 86820, once you have checked with us first.